In order to comply with the new FTC Disclosure rules for the USA, I want to make things as clear as possible. These new rules mandate that blog writers declare their relationship with the products and/or companies we write about. So when reading articles at Bring Back the Bears be aware of the following.

  • Bring Back the Bears is not paid to write articles. If for some reason an article is written in exchange for money, it will be clearly labeled as such.
  • In most cases we are provided (for free) with the products written about in “Editor Reviews”. Assume that all reviewed products we get are free to us. Bring Back the Bears is not responsable for user contrubited reviews.
  • Bring Back the Bears makes money from our affiliates. Assume that all links to online stores “could” provide Bring Back the Bears with some type of compensation. Usually these links are at the bottom of each article.
  • Bring Back the Bears does not receive money from any manufacturer we link to. The exception to this is Banner ads.

Please keep in mind that running a website and posting articles and reviews regularly, takes a lot of time. So don’t be surprised that we want to make money off of our hard work.