Can you plug headphones into a record player

Vinyl players are now experiencing a second wave of popularity. And more and more people want to join the classic analog sound. And for beginners in this thread, the question arises: is it possible to connect headphones to the player and which are the best headphones for vinyl?

The musical signal is recorded on a record in a special way: high frequencies are amplified, and bass is weakened – this is necessary to reduce the noise arising from the contact of the phono cartridge needle with the disc. In order for the vinyl disc to sound “loud”, it is necessary to “smooth out” the frequency response – to return the sound signal to its original form.
To get the full sound, such a signal needs to be restored, so to speak. Currently, the RIAA standard is used to record all records, implying a certain type of correction curve. The task of the phono stage is precisely to align the distorted amplitude-frequency characteristic of the signal.

The connection

The phono stage is connected to the RCA outputs of the player. And often in the phono stage, there is a Jack or MiniJack connector, to which you need to connect headphones. If there is no mini-jack on the case, you will have to use RCA connectors. For this, the simplest adapter is used, which in some cases can even be bundled with expensive headphones. Please note that you need a 3.5 mm jack female type and audio cable male type, they are connected to the audio outputs of the TV. The red cable is to the right channel; the white cable is to the left channel. This adapter has RCA plugs on one end and a standard headphone input on the other. Assembling the system is very simple – we stick the adapter into the amplifier and the headphones into the adapter.

RCA outputsIf it is not possible to use an adapter, you will have to use a device that converts the digital signal coming from the player into an analog one, which the headphones can receive and convert to sound. The simplest and most common option is to use an AV receiver. The vinyl player connects to the receiver, and headphones are already connected to the receiver.

Connecting headphones allows you to completely immerse yourself in the sound of vinyl records and hear the finest details of the compositions. Also, the advantage of such listening at home can be the isolation of sound and the ability not to interfere with others.